Friday, July 10, 2009

Ken gets a bath

Kenshin is so furry. He gets hair everywhere.

So I decided to bathe him and hopefully wash away a good amount of the fur that seems to cling to my sofa like it is glued on.

Immediately, Ken does not like the water.

He tries swimming away.

Then climbing the walls.

Finally, he grabs my arm in desperation. Thankfully, he has no claws.

He does like the part where I scratch his booty. But he would never admit it.

Is it so bad? Poor Kenshin, so mistreated.

Time to drip dry.

Ken, you weigh a ton when dripping wet!!

Time to dry off!

Annie wants to help.

My little refugee, kitteh!

Oh so fluffy!!!

"Now I can escape and spend the next 6 hours licking myself!!!"

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