Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To all my fellow Potheads!

You true fans stood in line with me at 10:30 Tuesday night. You wore your house colors (blue for us Ravenclaws) and your wands held high, you entered the movie theater.

You knew, that like me, Wednesday was going to be a b****. But it was worth it.

I personally felt that this movie was very good and I think it just might be my fav. It's up there in the top 3 for sure.

A few things to note about the movie:

1. Alan Rickman is a god. Snape only grows more cool with each scene and movie release.
2. Professor McGonagall, also one of my favs, aged about 20 yrs between the two movies. Not sure if that was on purpose or if Maggie Smith is just starting to show her age. Please oh please don't let her be too old to be in the last one. We simply must have the scene where she screams while Harry is in Hagrid's arms!!!!
3. The ending... they left out the funeral. I knew they probably wouldn't have the whole ordeal, but a sweep over shot or something would have been nice. The whole death scene and non-existent after fight scene (which was really more of Harry getting pwn'd by Snape than anything else) left much to be desired. Ok, they didn't want to have a big battle when there's a very similar scene in Deathly Hallows. I get that. But this part in the book really kicked me in the stomach, and while watching the movie, I really didn't get emotional at all until Fawkes showed up. And he was only on screen for a few seconds.
4. I loved the 'high school' scenes. It was like the Goblet of Fire parts where they have to learn to dance and are all awkward, only now they are a little less awkward. But it was still very high school and I loved it, because even though all this stuff is going on - they are still just 16 and care about all the things that 16 yr old's care about.

So bottom line - good movie. Great up until the death scene.

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