Saturday, December 20, 2008

Interior Improvements

Strange, because that's the name of an account that I use in budgeting.

Anyway. I'm finally well! (YAY, applause!)

I have had a bugger of a sinus infection. It lasted about two weeks in all. But I'm well now and ready for the christmas season.

Loads of stuff have been happening at the house this week.

First, we got our tile floors laid. And the tile around the fireplace was put up.

Also the kitchen cabinets are in along with the counter tops! I haven't seen them yet, but hopefully I'll be in to see them today.

But the coolest part are the lights are all installed. I really love our lighting choices. Jesse's favorite is the front porch light, while mine is the one in the dining room.

Monday, December 01, 2008


I've had the flu for nearly a week now (ever since Thanksgiving) and haven't been out to see the house since.
Last time we were out there the builder was there and we gave him all our paint colors for the interior walls as well as our tile selection. That was the day before Thanksgiving. The bricking was halfway done and they had just mudded all the walls and ceilings.

Jesse and I holed ourselves up for the holiday weekend (only venturing out to do some Black Friday shopping - Buy a washer get the dryer for FREE at Sears!) Since I was sick we didn't venture out to the house at all. He went out there yesterday to pick up marble samples.
We didn't expect a lot of work to get done over the holiday weekend. But actually they finished all the brick work and got the walls painted inside! The paint is still pretty light and they're going to come out and do another coat tomorrow.
Our dining room is robin's egg blue and the living room is the color of coffee with cream. The kitchen looks orange right now, but once the second coat goes on it should look red clay brick colored. Jesse's study is also quite light. It should be a darker grey when it is done.
I love the color of the guest bathroom. It's a sage green that we are going to do a Japanese motif around.
I can't believe they got the house primed and painted over the weekend.