Monday, October 20, 2008

Color palettes

Jesse, ever the designer, has developed a few color ideas for our house.
And of course, his ideas are great. Stinks that my husband is better at decorating than I am.

Master bedroom:
We're thinking about striping the walls, but overall making the master suite look and feel like a 5 star hotel room (Not too far off from the Sofitel St James we stayed at in London - see this blog)

Dining Room:
We disagree slightly on the exact shade of light blue, but a light blue and brown combination for the dining room. We found the coolest console table at the Pottery Barn outlet and it's the color blue he likes. I think we'll use it as a buffet.

Living Room:
My sofas are brick red, so we have to work with that. This is still under construction, he wants to work the brown and blue from the dining room in there, but not quite sure yet...

Study/guest bathroom:
The guest bathroom is going to be all Japanese/zen inspired. My mom gave us these japanese ink prints a few months back that would look great in there (Japanese writing that we haven't translated yet, a woman in a kimono and a cherry blossom tree - very cool looking) and jesse found a neat vase with a cherry blossom design on it. I want to do something with a shower curtain that makes it look like the old japanese paper walls and lanterns.
Jesse's study, which is off this bathroom, is going to be gray on the walls with white/black furniture and white trim, and maybe some green accents. Very masculine, but sophisticated.

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