Saturday, October 25, 2008

Concrete and optical illusions

They poured the concrete this weekend.
And I'm just a tad freaked out. I know that houses look smaller when you are looking at just the concrete, but still, our house looks tiny.
I'm the most freaked out by the master bedroom closet. I stood in it and just couldn't imagine it being the right size.
Normally this wouldn't bother me except I helped draw up the plans. I wrote down the dimensions for my dad and he drew them up. I took measurements of the house we liked, and I'm for sure that I wrote down the dimensions for the rooms correctly, but I didn't measure the closets. I just kind of eyeballed it.

What if I got them wrong? It gnaws at me everytime I think about it. I really liked the master closet at the house we looked at it. It was nice and big and now I'm just thinking about how I might have got it wrong and now we have to live with it.
Jesse and I measured it for our own sakes, and the measurements seems fine, but it still looks small. We even laid down in the living room. He's about the size of our couch and I'm about the size of our loveseat and we were seeing where each piece would go and if everything would fit. It seems to fit ok, and I'm sure the neighbors think we are quite crazy laying about on a concrete slab.

In other news, a cat has made our new home his new home. Jesse found this cat in our yard and apparently it had claimed the yard as its own. Jesse calls him Mr. Squatty since he's squatted on our land. But Jesse also says that Mr. Squatty is very mean.

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