Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We have LAND!

Jesse and I decided awhile back that it was time for us to become homeowners.
We've been searching for several months and just couldn't find what we wanted in the place we wanted.
So we are building. AAHH!!

The idea of building scared the be-jeebies out of me because of many things:
1. My parents built their house when I was young and it was a very stressful experience which I absorbed.
2. It's budget season here at Mid America which means I'm busier than ever. I'm traveling two or three days a week on average and the days that I am in town, I'm at the office until after dark.
3. There are 432,972 decisions that you have to make when building a house (yes that's the real number and I didn't just make it up :P) The shear volume of choices makes my mind come to a grinding halt. Do I care whether my trim is eggshell or ecru? Whether I have red brick vs brown (which I do)?
I am the girl who gave her mother a couple of pictures from a magazine and then let her plan my wedding for me with barely any input. This is the girl who had no idea where she was going on her honeymoon until she got off the plane at the location (And even then, wasn't 100% sure)

I'm not very picky. I'm a no-fuss, laid-back kind of person most of the time. But now I'm suddenly supposed to care about colors and finishes and chestnut floors vs oak.
On top of the fact that I have no time to make those decisions right now.
So no - I was not thrilled with the aspect of building.

But I got over it. See. I have a really great husband. Who's currently not working and has really great taste. I trust him to make all the decisions for me, with a bit of guidance on my end.

I was terribly nervous about the financing when the Dow dropped 700 points (that did not help my stress factor at all). But after talking to my mortgage lender and hearing that our financing is in place and fine, I'm fine.

It's crazy, but I'm really not stressed about this now. Now that it is upon us and we've signed papers, I'm quite calm.

So, weather permitting, we should start moving dirt this weekend and hopefully have a foundation by monday!!

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