Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ceilings make all the difference

I went out to the site today. I haven't been out in a week so the last time I saw the house it was just a block on concrete.
Now it actually looks like a house. There are outside walls and ceiling joists and stairs!
It now feels like a house and I can really start to see how it's going to look finished.
We designed this house ourselves by frankensteining a bunch of floorplans we liked so to see something 'real' was nice. It was also nice to see that our vision in our heads that we drew on paper didn't somehow get lost in translation - nor does our vision turn out to make our house ugly or impractical.
Jesse was quite scared about the staircase in particular. This was his particular vision and now that we have stairs, you can really see how it will look with rails and the balcony overlooking the front door. And I have to admit - he's right - it looks good.
And I walked into the master closet and it is just the size I thought it would be. Somehow, adding walls and ceilings makes the rooms look so much larger.
I think we have the makings of a really nice home.
It's still a bit crazy how we're building a house. That this lumber and dirt is going to be a place I live at soon.

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