Monday, June 25, 2007

Dog person?

I have never owned a dog. I've always been a cat person. Cats are easier to figure out, for me at least. I can tell a cat's mood by the swish of its tail, even if I've never met the cat before.
Dogs I'm just clueless around. Kind of like children. I never know what to do with them. Should I play? Do I let them jump on me? Will the owner get mad if I say "no"?
So there has always been this wall with me and dogs.
Jesse has always owned dogs. His family are clearly dog people. Infact, his mother hates cats. Which is rather unfair because I don't hate dogs - I just prefer cats.
But I'd been thinking for awhile about getting a dog for Jesse. I could not imagine living without atleast one cat. So asking him to be dogless seems really cruel. He let me have Kenshin (though now he loves Ken just as much as I do - I'll make him a cat person yet!).
So we went to a kennel. Apparently Jesse doesn't want a dog from the pound or humane shelter because they can have health issues and he's been badly burned in the past. Apparently you get dogs with warranties. See, you never have this issue with cats. Cats you can find anywhere. I've never 'gone looking' for a cat. Cats find you. And cats you just take home. Get them a round of rabies and some flea dip and they are good to go. Heck, growing up we hardly even got our cats spayed - which I know, is bad. We've had many a litter of kitties that way, but out in the forest is doesn't seem to matter as much.
Anyway, dogs you go to a kennel to pick out and it is the saddest thing ever. Now, I know these kennels take really good care of their dogs. This isn't the shelter where these are abused and neglected puppies. These puppies get the best care. But it is still heartbreaking because they all look at you with those sad little eyes (they don't call them puppy dog eyes for nothin') and each saying "Will you take me home?"
I wanted to take home every single one we picked up.

Dogs you 'test drive'. You take them out, play with them, hold them and run around a bit and then do the same for another pup. Dogs come in breeds and they are vastly different from one to another. With the exception of hairlength and color, cats are pretty much the same from one breed to the next.

Dogs are also expensive. I was holding the most adorable long haired toy dacshund. I asked how much... $1399! Are you kidding me? You know this is a DOG right? Does it poop gold or not poop at all? No, apparently that's the price of cuteness in dogs. See, kittens are cute for free..(Oh and Dogs can also be financed... who knew?!)

But I say all this to say that I'm becoming a dog person. Yeah, I know, it's only been 2 days. I always wondered why people called their dog their baby. People don't refer to their cats as babies. Now I know why. Dogs are alot like babies. You have to potty train them (which is inbred in cats). You have to watch them and make sure they don't put just anything in their mouths. You have to put them to bed. They cry. They require babysitters when you are gone for too long.

But my puppy really is the prettiest puppy of all. I find myself getting excited over the dumbest of things. Like, last night she went the whole night without an accident. I'm excited over not pooping! I've never been this involved in another being's bathroom habits before. I find myself saying things like "Wanna go potty?" and "Good girl! You pee-peed in the grass didn't you, good girl!"
My husband and I call each other all day long to see how the pup is doing. "Did she eat? Did she play with her toy? Has she gone potty?"

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